About Us

Hyper-Tech Environmental Ltd. Was firstly established in 2001, is a leading engineering company offering advanced solutions for water and wastewater treatment Industries, based in Hong Kong. Hyper-Tech provides the most comprehensive, cost-effective, reliable and innovative environmental equipment, technologies and engineering services to our clients.

Mission and Goal
To become total solution provider and the first priority supplier, Hyper-Tech offers one-step solution for Water and Wastewater Treatment. Once you have a basket of equipment you require a system to control them automatically. Hyper-Tech provides automatic system designs with varies input / output options to suit different control requirements.

As we all know China is the fastest growing area for all high quality products. In order to meet the opportunity in China, a Hyper-Tech Shenzhen sales office has been set up (Shenzhen KeNa Electronic Company Technology). Hyper-Tech has well equipped to meet the challenges.